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  1. James (Jim) DeBussey says:

    I have been through a huge spiritual journey over the last two years that has changed me to my core. This journey has left me living well below the poverty level and struggling to stay a float. I would not take one lesson learned now as I look back.

    During this quest I have discovered many truths both in reality and the supernatural realms.This led me in many directions for finding my purpose in God’s eyes.

    The most interesting fact I stumbled on was my bloodlne. My great grandma told me many times when I was a child that I was related to Claude DeBussy. I thought nothing of this until last month. Years ago a college professor was taking my attendance on the first day of class and told me that “De” was a sign of royalty. I kinda looked at him strange and thought nothing about it.

    Long story short? It lead me to you guys for possible answers.

    Can someome please contact me to help me figure out why I have learned all this and if it holds any weight?

    I will say that I felt huge joy to learn my ancestors were the first Christian army! The last two weeks I have been walking with great pride. Now I just need to fill the last few pieces of my puzzle.

    Thank you for any help.

    God Bless,

    Jim DeBussey

    • admin says:

      Welcome brother and thank you for your question! Interesting journey you’ve been on…
      Here’s one insight on our journey perhaps it will address a bit of your question…
      We live by FAITH and not by SIGHT…so, our feelings are not to be trusted…that said, God does work in mysterious ways and leads us to His plan for our life…so, the only way to reconcile this in our minds is to take each day and each encounter as if God arranged it for our good….so, if one is led to Templars then go forth and investigate…

      Blood lines are very interesting to study but the MOST important blood line is the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ…have we accepted this blood as our own and only sacrifice for salvation…have we actually and personally told Christ Jesus , “Thank You for dying for me and giving your life to give me new life?”
      .Thank you again and feel free to ask anything…
      We like to keep the questions public here so everyone gets a chance to profit from the rich background each person brings to our table..

      Deus Vult!

  2. Malcolm Haugen says:

    A few years ago I was feeling there was something missing in my life. I started to look into my family history. My niece did a lot of the research going back in history to the 1400s. She had found many documents not just from the American government but also the Norwiegen government.

    What I eventually found is pictures of headstones. On those headstones were markings that felt strange to see. My research found those marking to be of Masonic and Templar writings.

    My question is since my ancestry as we have found so far is Norwigen. Is there any real history of the Templars fleeing areas of Scotland Roslend Chaple and other parts of Europe to Norway. Also, is their any history that during the crusades, is there any evidence that Norsk men joined the Templars during the crusades. Last, where would I go to look for any information on Norwigen Templars?

  3. Robert Welsh says:

    Faith alone in Christ alone revealed by God the Father in creation, creed and Christ…may I assume this is consistent with your code? I stumbled across the Templar Church site as I searched for oaths taken by Knights. I train law enforcement officers here in the US State of Missouri and have long believed law enforcement should be reflecting knightly qualities in an ever darkening world. Grace and Peace to you!

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